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Bellus Medical is a dynamic medical aesthetic device company with years of expertise in the medical aesthetic market. Understanding that savvy aesthetic patients were demanding results in a no-downtime procedure, and medical practices, while also demanding results, were equally focused on safety and efficiency, is what led us to adopt SkinPen as our flagship product. Now, as a pioneer in the medical microneedling market, having learned and grown through our relationships with national and international thought leaders in microneedling, and most importantly, listening to the needs of our practice partners and their patients, Bellus Medical introduces Skinfuse.


Skinfuse is a concise, easy-to-use skin care regimen formulated specifically to deliver to the skin cells the nutrients required to optimize the results of micro needling. As important as feeding the skin cells the appropriate nutrients is introducing those ingredients to the skin at the appropriate time, delivering those ingredients in low irritation delivery systems, and omitting ingredients with a high potential to hinder the rejuvenation process. The right ingredients at the right time for the right procedure. Reverse the signs of aging, revive skin health and reveal beautiful skin with microneedling + Skinfuse.

  • Silicone free
  • Dimethicone free
  • Artificial color free
  • Artificial fragrance free
  • Sodium lauryl sulphate free
  • Propylene glycol free
  • Chemical sunscreen free
  • Paraben free

Skinfuse Technology

Of particular importance when combining skin care with microneedling is the ability to support the skin cell activity initiated during the procedure, yet do so in a manner to reduce opportunity for a prolonged inflammatory response.

Skinfuse utilizes specific formulations that allow for optimal dosing of key ingredients necessary to aid in skin cell renewal and repair, while not triggering an inflammatory response that may lead to chronic inflammation. Whether visible or not, chronic inflammation prematurely ages skin.

ART: Advanced Release Technology is a breakthrough delivery system that allows a small, active molecule to be delivered in an inactive form, release slowly into the skin over time, then activate once absorbed. This allows for clinically relevant penetration of key ingredients into the appropriate levels of the skin necessary to create change.

SURGE Technology combines interval dosing of high concentration essential ingredients with a calculated rest period, ensuring results yet minimizing risk of prolonged inflammation.

CCT: Cellular Communication Technology utilizes bioactive ingredients to stimulate cellular interaction between the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin to increase skin cell renewal. Minimizes the risk of creating a prolonged inflammatory response that may hinder the process. CCT results in skin that looks and behaves as it did when it was younger.

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